Full name

Jacqui Leah Smith




San Francisco, CA


Hi :)
I am a visual artist and am currently pursuing ways to connect my art while inspiring children and people globally to help them help themselves. I am living in San Francisco, teaching Kindergarten, and painting as much as possible.

I am currently working on a project to empower young girls by showcasing strong, independent, and inspiring women, some of whom are on this site.

In the year 2013-14, I spent 10 months as a Minerva Fellow in the rural town of Estero de Platano, Ecuador. I was able to empower the people of this isolated fishing village in a myriad of ways, especially through art. I taught art classes in the primary school, painted a mural using the goals and ambitions of the local youth, helped create a business for a local artisan, and created my own art show featuring the children of Estero (many of these paintings are showcased on this website), using the proceeds to give back to the community that became my home.


Please contact me for a commission or purchase. Let’s collaborate!